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Understanding Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Spring is a great time to review your auto insurance coverages to ensure you have the protection you need. Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. is here to help Green, OH drivers understand your coverage options. 

What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Sometimes known as ‘other than collision’ coverage, this type of auto insurance protects your vehicle from damage from vandalism, theft, fire, civil disturbances like riots, natural disasters, and falling objects. Much like collision coverage, you’ll have a deductible to meet before the claim covers the remainder of your repairs. 

What’s Not Covered by Comprehensive Coverage?

Some types of damages are not covered by comprehensive. These include:

  • Collision damage to your vehicle. 
  • Collision damage to another person’s vehicle. 
  • Maintenance issues. 
  • Water damage related to maintenance issues – like a seal failure or leaving a window open. 
  • Medical expenses for yourself or your passengers that result from an accident. 
  • The cost of a rental while your car is under repairs or non-driveable. Talk to your agent if you will need another set of wheels while yours is out of commission. 

Does Green, OH Require Comprehensive Coverage?

Ohio state law does not mandate that drivers carry comprehensive coverage, but your lender might require it if you are currently leasing or financing. 

Should I Carry Comprehensive Insurance?

The best way to answer this question is to consider how much your vehicle is worth. A good rule of thumb is to consider the rate you’d pay to carry comprehensive and collision coverage and multiply that by ten. If that exceeds the value of your car, it may not be the best investment for you. It’s best to discuss your options with a knowledgeable insurance agent. Call Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. today; our friendly staff can answer your questions and help you get the coverage that best meets your needs. 

Commercial Insurance FAQ

If you own a business, it is imperative that you have the right insurance products to protect your investment. Not only have you invested money into your business, but you have also invested your time and your energy. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc, serving Green, OH, we make it our business to help you find the right insurance for your business. Keep reading to learn more about commercial insurance. 

How Will Commercial Insurance Benefit Me?

Commercial insurance is a specially designed insurance product made for business owners. There are many layers to running your business smoothly, and each of those layers needs protection. A commercial insurance policy bundles the different types of coverage into a straightforward plan. 

What Types of Coverage Does Commercial Insurance Offer?

Because each business is different, each policy will also be different. Our team can work with you to customize a package that suits your particular needs. In general, though, most commercial policies will offer the following types of coverage:

  • Auto– If you currently use vehicles to run your business, you will need a solid auto policy protecting your drivers and your vehicles. 
  • Property Damage– A commercial insurance policy can provide property damage coverage if you are operating your business out of a brick-and-mortar location. If your property or equipment is damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary, the policy will pay for repairs or replacement. 
  • Liability– As a business owner, you carry a distinct liability risk. If someone is hurt at your place of business, or if someone is hurt because of your goods or services, liability coverage will pay for any expense that could result. 

If you would like to learn more about commercial insurance or any of our other services, please contact us at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc, serving Green, OH, and the surrounding areas. 

Things home insurance won’t cover

Whether you are a new homeowner or a seasoned veteran, having the right home insurance is vital to your peace of mind. You want to make sure you have enough coverage but are not paying more than you need to or for things you don’t need. Home insurance protects your home from hazards, but it doesn’t cover everything, and it also has more than just building coverage included. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. in Green, OH, we want to make sure you have the right coverage for you and your home. 


While this shocks many homeowners, your home insurance won’t cover you if you are the victim of a flood. At least not for what is known as surface water. If you have a busted pipe, that is covered. Flood insurance is available through FEMA. If you live in an area prone to floods, your lender will require you to carry flood insurance, and it is a good idea since flood damage is very expensive to repair. 

Earth Movement

Earth movement includes things like earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, and sinkholes. All of these are excluded from traditional home insurance. You can add an endorsement to cover these items if it is something you worry about. 

Owner Neglect

Many things can damage your home. Your insurance company expects you to make sure you do the best you can to make things like termites and mold don’t have an opportunity to gain a foothold in your home through the appropriate upkeep. If you don’t, they won’t pay for the damage that results. So get your home treated and do the necessary repairs. 

When you are looking for an independent insurance agent in Green, OH, Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc is the one to call for personal service and a knowledgeable team.

What you need to know about renter’s insurance

The Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. is here to serve the insurance needs of the greater Green, OH community. If you are getting ready to move into a new apartment, or you’ve never protected your current place, now is the time to start thinking about renter’s insurance!

ABCs of renter’s insurance

When it comes to renter’s insurance there is still a lot of misinformation floating around. Too many people believe that they are covered under their landlord’s policy. In fact, this is not the case. While your landlord will have a policy in place to protect the building and any common areas, this protection will not extend to your unit.

It is important to have your own renter’s insurance policy in place to protect your belongings. This type of insurance can also protect you from damage caused to the building that impacts your apartment, depending on the policy.

Now is the time to get a renter’s policy in place! Don’t delay getting this important coverage any longer. And, depending on the policy that you select, your items may be protected from theft even when the incident occurs away from home. For instance, there are some renter’s policies available that would provide reimbursement for a stolen bike even if the theft occurred somewhere other than your home. 

Find out more about renter’s insurance today!

Protect your belongings today

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. is here to help our neighbors in the greater Green, OH community protect their valuables. If you would like to find out more about the many benefits of renter’s insurance, call or stop by our office today! 

Here’s What Your Home Insurance Needs

Home insurance is critical for protecting your investment and ensuring that you don’t get in a problematic situation. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc., we can help Green, OH residents like you get the long-term protection necessary for avoiding serious issues. 

What Your Policy Needs 

When getting a home insurance policy, it is vital to consider a variety of different protection levels. These include things like:

  • General liability protection 
  • Property damage repair help 
  • Theft loss coverage 
  • Home replacement and repair coverage 
  • Garage and other structure protection 

Depending on what your company provides, you can typically get a high level of protection for each of these policy types. Each naturally breaks down into different replacement or tier levels.

Coverage Types 

Typically, your home insurance policies will come in three different tiers or levels. These will vary based on your insurance company, of course, but usually include:

  • Actual Cash Value – This policy type pays for the true cash value of any items in your home, regardless of their replacement cost.
  • Replacement Cost – Get this policy to pay for the complete replacement of anything damaged or lost in your home, minimizing your potential financial issues.
  • Extended Replacement Cost – Try this type of coverage if you have something that will require comprehensive replacement or repair, such as HVAC systems.

When working with your agent, make sure that you talk to them about what to expect and work hard to find the best policy and coverage options for your needs.

You Deserve Great Insurance 

If you want a homeowner’s insurance policy that meets your needs and is reasonable for your payment plans, it is essential to talk to us at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. to learn more. We serve Green, OH with pride and will do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied. 

Renter’s Insurance for Frequent Travelers

If you’re a frequent traveler for work, you may rent a small place simply as a home base. However, you need to protect your investment with a high-quality renters insurance policy. We at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. can help Green, OH renters get coverage.

Risks When Traveling 

When you travel a lot for your job or for whatever reason, your apartment or rented home may be at risk. We’re not trying to scare anybody but stating this fact, but it is unavoidable that concerns like an increased risk of robbery, serious emergencies, and much more may all impact your house. 

For example, someone may stake out your home, figure out your travel plans, and break in while you are gone. As you don’t own the house, you don’t have a homeowner’s insurance policy and may lose your goods. Thankfully, renters insurance is a great way of protecting against this danger.

Why Renters Insurance Helps 

Renters insurance is a surprisingly affordable policy option that covers your items in your home. It does not cover the outside of the facility, which is not your concern anyway. Instead, it will protect anything you bring into your living space from a myriad of different concerns. 

For example, it can protect against various types of disasters like floods, lighting, and fires. It can also protect against theft, one of the more common concerns for frequent travelers. By talking to your travel agent, you can learn more about the various benefits that this policy can provide you.

Find a Strong Policy

If you want renters insurance to keep your home safe while you travel, contact us at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. to learn more. We serve the Green, OH area and will provide you with the help that you need to ensure that your home is protected.

Motor home Safety Tips for Ohio Drivers

Motor home owners in Green, OH know firsthand the memories, adventures, and fun times that can be had using a recreational vehicle. Just like any other major investment, your motor home should be properly insured to protect your financials, your passengers, and yourself. The team of agents at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. can help motor home owners to determine what the best coverage and policy is for the way they intend to use this recreational vehicle. 

How to Safely Own a Motorhome in Ohio

Get Insurance 

For those with a loan on their motor home, the lender most likely required some level of motor home insurance in the loan agreement. Different lenders have different requirements, but this coverage will meet those requirements safely. 

Motor home insurance often includes liability coverage, and Ohio does have a state minimum of liability insurance. 

Other types of motor home insurance include:

  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Uninsured or underinsured coverage 

Listed above are some of the options you can select as part of your coverage and policy, but every insurance policy is different and may not offer these options. We can’t stress enough the importance of working with a company that knows the laws and can help determine the best insurance plan for you and your needs.

If you recently purchased a motor home and aren’t sure where to begin with insurance, contact the team at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. We will help you find the best coverage to protect your investment, keep you and your family safe, and ensure you have a safe trip every time you use your motor home. 

What Kind of RV Insurance Is Required in Ohio?

If you have owned a recreational vehicle for a while, you know that insurance and registration requirements can differ from state to state. For RV owners, some of the regulations regarding insurance can be confusing. If you live in Green, OH and want to cover your bases, you need to know what kind of insurance you need to cover your RV.

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. understands how complicated buying insurance can seem. Here’s what you need to know about RV insurance requirements in Ohio.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

In Ohio, all motor vehicles are required to have bodily injury liability coverage at a rate of $25,000 per person and $50,000 for more than one person per accident. This coverage is often used for things like medical bills and lost income.

Property Damage Coverage

When you are driving a large vehicle like an RV, any damage resulting from an accident can be costly. Ohio RV owners are also required to have coverage for property damage beginning at $25,000 per accident.

Add-Ons Are Not Required

In Ohio, you are not required to add other types of coverage to your policy. You may opt for comprehensive coverage to handle RV damage caused by vandalism or bad weather, depending on what types of landscapes you tend to travel to with your vehicle.

You May Be Asked to Show Proof

When you drive an RV, you may be asked to show proof of insurance specifically for your RV. You may show this proof at a traffic stop or when you are in an accident.

Find the Right RV Insurance for Your Vehicle

Whether you camp on the weekends or you live in your RV most of the year, having the right insurance is important. Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. can help you insure your Green, OH vehicle to ensure it is compliant with state regulations.

Motorcycle Safety Tips Can Prevent Ohio Motorcycle Insurance Claims

There are thousands of motorcycle deaths and injuries on the roads in America every year. This means thousands of insurance claims. It only takes a second for a motorcycle rider in Ohio to lose their focus or control and be in one of those accidents.

At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc., we want Green, OH residents to feel secure when they are enjoying the freedom that comes with their motorcycle rides. Follow these safety tips for motorcycles when you are on every adventure.

Maintain Your Bike

Maintaining your bike is the first safety step. You already know this. Get in the habit of checking it every time, and not just once a week or month. Check your tires and your battery, the two most common things to go first on a bike.

The last thing you want is a dead battery or a flat tire in the middle of a long ride on the highways. This could spell a huge disaster for you.

Wear a Helmet and Appropriate Attire

You are required under Ohio law to have an appropriate helmet for good reason. There is a wide body of research that supports the laws that require helmets. Without them, deaths and lifelong debilitating injuries occur.

In addition to helmets and attire, good footwear is important. You can suffer injuries by the repetitive motion of shifting gears with your feet. Ensure your boots can withstand your use so that you don’t suffer injury on the road.

Maintain a Safe Distance

When you are on your bike, it is easy to get lost in the moment and want to drive freely in the wind. Try to do this while maintaining a safe distance. Failing to do so is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and serious injury.

Get a Quote

At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc., we want motorcycle riders in Green, OH to feel freedom on the roads, and ride how they want, when you want. Do this for as long as you can by following every safety measure that you can. Call us today for a quote to ensure your motorcycle insurance policy has everything that you need. You’ll feel even safer!

Learn About Boat Insurance

The best way to enjoy your boat for years to come is by making sure you have adequate boat insurance in place. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency ll Inc. serving Green, OH, we can help you learn everything you should know about boat insurance. 

Is Boat Insurance Required?

Different states will have different requirements concerning boat insurance. Even if the area you live in does not require boat insurance in order to legally operate the boat on open water, you will want to consider purchasing boat insurance. Boat insurance is the best way to protect the investment you made in the boat as well as to protect other boaters and those who will spend time on your boat. If you plan to travel with your boat, sufficient boat insurance will make it possible for you to enjoy your boat where ever you may go. 

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance can be customized to suit your particular needs, but in general, most boat policies will provide coverage in the following areas:

  • Property damage- If your boat is damaged due to an accident, fire, natural disaster, or burglary, the policy will kick in to help reimburse for your losses. 
  • Liability coverage- If your boat is involved in an accident which causes damage to another vessel you could be held liable for the expense of repairing or replacing that vessel. If someone is injured on your boat, or injured in an accident that your boat caused, you could also be held liable for medical expenses or legal fees. Liability coverage will protect you from paying these expenses out of pocket. 

If you would like to learn more about our insurance products or services, please contact us at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. serving Green, OH. 

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