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Why should someone in Ohio get a home insurance policy?

Homeowners in the Green, OH area have likely continued to find that owning a property is a good idea. When you are a property owner in this area, you will enjoy having a stable place to live as well as the financial benefits that come with ownership in the long run. If you would like to own real estate here, you need to have insurance. There are a lot of reasons to get this coverage here. 

Ensure the Home is Covered

A great reason for having home insurance in this part of Ohio is so you can be assured that your home is covered. If you are going to buy a home, you will be making a very large investment that you will want to enjoy for years to come. A home insurance plan can help ensure this occurs. This coverage will provide support for fire and other types of damage, which can protect your home.

Meet Obligations

It is also a good idea to have a home insurance plan to meet obligations. Having home insurance is required in many situations. If you have taken out a loan or live in an association, you likely do have this requirement. When you get a full home insurance plan, it will give you the support needed to meet your obligations.  

Reach Out To Us

Home insurance should always be considered a necessity if you are in the Green, OH area. When you are ready to start looking for insurance when you are in this part of Ohio, you should call our team with Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. Our insurance team at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. knows the importance of this insurance and will offer any support you need to create a plan that protects your home. 

Should I Insure My Home After It’s Paid Off?

It is not required for Green, OH residents to procure homeowners insurance, but most lenders will compel you to as long as there is an outstanding balance.

For those whose houses are paid for, there are benefits to continuing to insure your property:

Homes can be subject to sudden malfunctions that necessitate costly repairs. Even weather events, such as lightning strikes or high winds, can wreak havoc that can otherwise set you back financially.

Potential situations like house fires can render your home a total loss, leaving you with nowhere to go. Some types of indemnification help cover your hotel stay. Your knowledgeable Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. agent can go over specific scenarios that would be included in your coverage. 

Your home and possessions can also be subject to a burglary, and you may own expensive electronics, jewelry, and clothing. Vandals can do damage to your exterior walls, and your indemnification often covers this type of peril. 

You may also have other structures on your land that can be affected by the elements or other hazards. In addition, people can sometimes be hurt on your property through slips or falls, and this can result in medical bills and lost wages. Certain situations can even arise in legal fees, and you can be taken to court. 

Having homeowners insurance can also ensure that real estate agents and buyers will want to partner with you should you sell, as a lack of coverage can put others’ investments at risk. 

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. Is Here to Help 

Specializing in various insurance packages, we can put together something to fit your needs. We serve those living in the Green, OH region, and we invite you to reach us by calling, visiting online, or stopping into our office to discuss your options. 

Things home insurance won’t cover

Whether you are a new homeowner or a seasoned veteran, having the right home insurance is vital to your peace of mind. You want to make sure you have enough coverage but are not paying more than you need to or for things you don’t need. Home insurance protects your home from hazards, but it doesn’t cover everything, and it also has more than just building coverage included. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. in Green, OH, we want to make sure you have the right coverage for you and your home. 


While this shocks many homeowners, your home insurance won’t cover you if you are the victim of a flood. At least not for what is known as surface water. If you have a busted pipe, that is covered. Flood insurance is available through FEMA. If you live in an area prone to floods, your lender will require you to carry flood insurance, and it is a good idea since flood damage is very expensive to repair. 

Earth Movement

Earth movement includes things like earthquakes, mudslides, landslides, and sinkholes. All of these are excluded from traditional home insurance. You can add an endorsement to cover these items if it is something you worry about. 

Owner Neglect

Many things can damage your home. Your insurance company expects you to make sure you do the best you can to make things like termites and mold don’t have an opportunity to gain a foothold in your home through the appropriate upkeep. If you don’t, they won’t pay for the damage that results. So get your home treated and do the necessary repairs. 

When you are looking for an independent insurance agent in Green, OH, Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc is the one to call for personal service and a knowledgeable team.

What You Should Know About Home Insurance

Your home is probably one of your most important investments. This isn’t only true because of the money you have invested into your home, but it is also true because of the emotional importance your home holds. Your house is your family’s safe haven, a place to come together and make memories. You want this protected. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc., serving Green, OH, we want to help you make the best choices when it comes to this protection. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about home insurance. 

Why Is Home Insurance Important?

Home insurance provides a necessary level of protection over your home investment. If your home is damaged or lost due to natural disaster, fire, or burglary, the expenses of repairing or replacing your home will fall to you. For most families, this would cause extreme financial damage. To avoid this type of financial damage, a home insurance policy is put into place. If the home is damaged or lost, the insurance policy will cover repairs or replacement costs. 

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance policies can be customized to fit your particular needs, but in most cases, a policy will cover the following areas:

  • Property Damage – This type of coverage will kick in if your home is damaged or lost due to fire, natural disaster, or burglary. 
  • Liability – This type of coverage will pay if someone is injured in your home or on your property. This will cover any medical or legal expenses that could result from the accident. 

If you would like to learn more about home owner’s insurance or any of our other insurance products which we offer, please contact us at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc., serving Green, OH. We will be happy to answer your questions today. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Insurance

When choosing home insurance in Ohio, there are some questions that you want to ask to make sure you are getting the right policy for your needs. Be sure to go over your questions with an agent at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. in Green, OH.

Does your policy cover the replacement cost or actual cash value?

An actual cash value policy will factor in depreciation. If you have a replacement cost policy, then you may just need to pay an out-of-pocket deductible for repairs. Home repair or replacement may be covered at replacement cost, while belongings are covered at actual cash value. You can also upgrade your policy so that your belongings are covered under replacement cost.

Are you covered no matter the damage?

It’s important to note that flood damage isn’t covered, and other natural disasters may not be either.

What belongings are covered?

Your jewelry or artwork may have dollar limits on them. Ask about any restrictions to see if you need to purchase additional coverage.

What endorsements do you have on your policy?

Endorsements are used to make the policy a little more specific to you. This is where you can add additional coverage for some belongings.

Are you adequately covered if someone is injured in the home?

The maximum amount an insurance company will pay in damages or legal bills if you are sued is covered in the liability section of the policy. An agent can help you determine how much liability coverage makes sense for you.

Are all home policies the same?

There are different types of home insurance policies. The HO3 is the most common since it provides coverage for normal loss activities and can be an excellent place to start.

Contact Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. in Green, OH to get a quote on home insurance. 

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