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Here’s What Your Home Insurance Needs

Home insurance is critical for protecting your investment and ensuring that you don’t get in a problematic situation. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc., we can help Green, OH residents like you get the long-term protection necessary for avoiding serious issues. 

What Your Policy Needs 

When getting a home insurance policy, it is vital to consider a variety of different protection levels. These include things like:

  • General liability protection 
  • Property damage repair help 
  • Theft loss coverage 
  • Home replacement and repair coverage 
  • Garage and other structure protection 

Depending on what your company provides, you can typically get a high level of protection for each of these policy types. Each naturally breaks down into different replacement or tier levels.

Coverage Types 

Typically, your home insurance policies will come in three different tiers or levels. These will vary based on your insurance company, of course, but usually include:

  • Actual Cash Value – This policy type pays for the true cash value of any items in your home, regardless of their replacement cost.
  • Replacement Cost – Get this policy to pay for the complete replacement of anything damaged or lost in your home, minimizing your potential financial issues.
  • Extended Replacement Cost – Try this type of coverage if you have something that will require comprehensive replacement or repair, such as HVAC systems.

When working with your agent, make sure that you talk to them about what to expect and work hard to find the best policy and coverage options for your needs.

You Deserve Great Insurance 

If you want a homeowner’s insurance policy that meets your needs and is reasonable for your payment plans, it is essential to talk to us at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. to learn more. We serve Green, OH with pride and will do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied. 

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