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Who in Ohio should get motor home insurance?

Owning a motor home can be a great option for people all over the Green, OH area. Those that have a motor home will have a great way to travel and can make some wonderful lasting memories. If you invest in a motor home, it is important that you get proper insurance. There are several situations when people should invest in a motor home insurance policy. 

Those With Motor Home Loans

A common situation when someone in Ohio will need motor home insurance is when they take out a loan. It is widespread for owners of motor homes to take out financing to purchase the asset. If this is the case for you, the loan agreement will likely include insurance provisions. When you get a motor home insurance policy, it gives the coverage needed to comply with your lender’s requirements.

Those Who Want to Drive It

While some people may never intend to drive their motor home, those that choose to take it out on a public road need to comply with state driving insurance laws. Any motorist in Ohio will need to have liability insurance that complies with state laws. Your motor home insurance policy will include a provision that ensures you stay in compliance with this requirement.

Anyone who wants to get a new motor home insurance policy in Green, OH, needs to take the decision-making process seriously. If you are going to invest in a new insurance policy, you should call Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. to discuss your needs. The team with Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. can answer any questions that you have and ensure that you receive proper coverage to stay in full compliance with your obligations.

A Guide To Help Ohio Residents Find RV Insurance Coverage

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. helps Green, OH residents find the insurance coverage that they need. Our primary goal is to establish long-lasting bonds with all of our clients. We offer our clients multiple types of insurance policies so that they can protect what matters most.

RV Insurance Coverage

Many Ohio residents enjoy using their RV to go on exciting road trips. If you frequently travel through Ohio in your RV, it’s important that you consider the benefits of RV insurance. RV insurance will cover you while you are out on the road and while you are settling somewhere. The policy covers your vehicle if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or if you collide with a tree. You can add comprehensive coverage to protect you if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. You’ll also be protected if your RV is damaged due to a fire or severe thunderstorm.

Liability coverage offers a safety net if you collide with another vehicle and you are held responsible, or if the RV causes damage to someone else’s property. Uninsured coverage will protect you if you are involved in a collision with someone who does not have coverage.

While you are researching policies, make sure that you have a clear idea of your RV class. Class A RVs are large and often include luxury accessories. Class B RVs are the smallest of the three classes. Class C RVs are regular-sized vehicles. If you have special attachments such as fifth wheels or campers, you can amend your policy to cover your vehicle if damaged or vandalized. If you made any renovations to your RV interior, you would also have to amend your policy to cover potential damages.

Consult With Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc.

For more information on RV insurance, visit our website or office in Green, OH.

What insurance do I need to carry on my motorcycle in Ohio

Green, OH is located about 12 miles south of Akron and 50 miles south of Cleveland. Ohio has 410,000 registered motorcycles, and with 13 designated scenic country roads, you will never be at a loss for a place to take your motorcycle cruising. But before you take your bike onto the road, you need the insurance required by Ohio law. At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. in Green, OH, we make sure that all of our customers always have the right insurance. 

In Ohio, all motorcycle owners are required to carry basic liability insurance before they hit the road. Basic liability means bodily injury of $25,000 with $50,000 for each accident and property damage of $25,000. This is a pretty basic amount of liability insurance, and it is only adequate if you have very little in the way of assets outside of your motorcycle. If you are at fault, the resulting injuries and potential to be sued loom over you in the event of an accident. This is one area where it is good to talk to your agent about the amount that gives you the protection you need. 

Protecting your motorcycle itself requires that you carry additional insurance. Collision is the coverage that protects when you have an at-fault accident. It will pay to have your motorcycle repaired or replaced. If you have a valuable motorcycle, this is coverage that you need. Comprehensive covers things that are beyond your control like storms, flooding, large animals such as deer, vandalism, and theft. Both of these motorcycle insurance types will make sure that you will have a motorcycle to ride no matter what. 

At Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II Inc. in Green, OH, we are independent agents who owe our loyalty to our customers, not to an insurance carrier.  Give us a call or stop into our office for a free quote. 

A Guide To Help Ohio Residents Find Boat Insurance Coverage

For over 20 years, Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. has assisted the Green, OH community, and the surrounding areas by offering residents different types of insurance coverage. We take pride in serving our clients and helping them find the insurance coverage that they need.

Discovering Boat Insurance

Your boat is likely one of your most prized possessions. That’s why it is vital that you protect your investment. Boat insurance protects your boat and gives you a layer of security as you have fun by the lake. You will be covered regardless of whether you have a smaller sized boat, a large sailboat, or a yacht.

The policy covers you in several different situations. You’ll be covered if your boat is damaged due to a collision or if your boat is vandalized. You can amend your policy to protect all of your belongings on the boat if they are stolen. You may also be able to amend your policy to cover any custom equipment on your boat.

Liability coverage is also essential. You’ll be covered if your boat collides with another watercraft, and you may be held liable. If you are having a social gathering on your boat, research different policies to find coverage that protects you if someone gets injured while they are on your boat.

Other Things To Consider

Check to see if you can amend your policy to cover you if your motor stops working, and you need to use an emergency towing service. Also, be sure to research the policy’s navigational limits. This will outline the area where you can use your boat and maintain coverage. Venturing outside of the area may cause complications.

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. Is Here To Help You

For more information on boat insurance, visit our office today! We proudly serve the Green, OH community, and look forward to helping you!  

When is getting umbrella insurance a good idea?

For the average person, it is crucial to make sure that you are appropriately covered by liability insurance. When you have proper liability insurance coverage in place, it will ensure you are covered if you accidentally cause an accident that leads to injuries or damages. While a lot of people get adequate coverage through home and auto insurance, everyone in the Green, OH area should also consider getting umbrella coverage. There are several scenarios when getting this coverage is a good option. 

When More Risks Need to be Covered

There are people in certain professions that have more personal liability risk than others. While most people may have liability risk that is sufficiently covered by home and auto policies, others need to receive this additional protection that will cover a wide range of risks.

When Someone Owns Significant Assets

You should also get an umbrella insurance policy if you own significant personal assets. If you have a lot of liquidity and other valuable assets, you will want to ensure that these are protected at all times. Those that are public figures and known to be wealthy are also more common liability lawsuit targets. Due to this, having the additional umbrella coverage can give you the protection that you need to mitigate this risk. 

There are plenty of situations when getting umbrella insurance is a good idea. If you believe that it is right for you and your situation and you are in the Green, OH area, you should call Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. The team at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. can help you to pick a policy that is right for your situation. They can do this by answering all of your questions and helping you determine what level of coverage you need. 

Why Condo Insurance Is An Asset

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. helps Green, OH residents find the insurance coverage that they need. We assist our clients by offering multiple insurance policies. We also strive to provide excellent customer service.

The Important of Condo Insurance

As a condo owner, you’ve likely invested a lot of time and energy into making your property look good. In order to protect your investment, explore the benefits of condo insurance. Condo insurance covers the entire property as well as your personal belongings inside the units.

The policy covers any issues related to your appliances and different fixtures. If your bathroom is damaged, condo insurance will cover it. If you have any problems with the walls and flooring of the condo, those things are also covered under the policy.

Your personal belongings are covered if your clothes or electronics are stolen. The coverage also applies if your furniture is vandalized. However, if you have very valuable items like jewelry or art, you may have to amend your policy to include extra coverage. Liability coverage is crucial because it protects you if someone is injured while visiting your condo. You can also alter your policy so that you are prepared in the event of an unfortunate circumstance. Make sure that your policy includes natural disaster protection so that you are covered if a flood comes through the area or a severe thunderstorm damages the area. You can also add umbrella insurance to your policy for extra security. You can add loss of use coverage to your policy. That will protect you if your condo becomes damaged, and you have to stay somewhere else while your condo is repaired.  

Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. Can Help You

If you are a condo owner in Green, OH, we will work with you to help you protect your investment.

How to Care For Your Vehicle

Your auto insurance is there to help in the event of an accident or other issues with your vehicle. However, if you want to extend the life of your vehicle, you need to do what you can to care for it. Our staff here at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. has several tips and suggestions for you, so if you live around Green, OH, here are a handful of tips and recommendations you need to follow. 

Maintenance Schedule

Follow the recommended maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual. This indicates when certain fluids need to be changed, wheels need to be rotated, and when parts need to be installed. It helps you avoid more costly repairs. 

Check Your Fluids

Speaking of fluids, it is crucial to know how to check your fluids. This is a simple process, but one that keeps your vehicle running smoothly. Fluids like your engine oil, transmission oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant can be topped off, which will help maintain your vehicle performance (just make sure not to overfill). 

Car Wash

Take your vehicle in for a regular car wash. This is especially important during the winter months when there is snow salt that will stick to the underside of your vehicle and rust it out. The regular car wash will remove this. Just make sure to get the undercarriage cleaned during the wash. 

Insurance Coverage For Your Vehicle

While you can do your part to take care of your vehicle, you’ll want your insurance provider to do its part to protect your vehicle as well. Our staff here at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. will help connect you with the right auto insurance. If you live around Green, OH, give us a call today. 

Five Things to Know about Commercial Insurance

As a business owner in Green, OH, you need an understanding of how commercial insurance can be used to protect your business assets, reputation, and employees. There are some things you should know when shopping for commercial insurance with an agent at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc.

1. What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance can be comprised of different categories. You likely need general liability insurance, property insurance, and commercial auto insurance if you have company vehicles. You may also want to consider workers’ compensation insurance.

2. Why do you need insurance?

Through the different categories, a solid commercial insurance policy can protect your business from theft and damage, protect you if someone is injured at your property, help if your property suffers damage, and insure your company’s cars and drivers.

3. What do you need for a commercial insurance quote?

When getting a quote, you will need information about your property, such as the building dimensions. You also need a record of the property inside, such as office supplies and equipment, machinery, furniture, and mobile equipment. You will need employee and general financial information to help with the liability premium. You also should have your current policy on hand to make sure you aren’t being over or underinsured.

4. Is business insurance deductible?

Business insurance can be deductible if it covers business or trade operations. It is not deductible if it includes any loss of earnings or a self-insurance reserve fund.

5. Is commercial insurance required by law?

In Ohio, you are required to have workers’ compensation insurance if you have one or more employees. Other insurance is not required, but it is always a good idea to have to protect your business.

Contact Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. to get a quote on commercial insurance. 

Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Insurance

When choosing home insurance in Ohio, there are some questions that you want to ask to make sure you are getting the right policy for your needs. Be sure to go over your questions with an agent at Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. in Green, OH.

Does your policy cover the replacement cost or actual cash value?

An actual cash value policy will factor in depreciation. If you have a replacement cost policy, then you may just need to pay an out-of-pocket deductible for repairs. Home repair or replacement may be covered at replacement cost, while belongings are covered at actual cash value. You can also upgrade your policy so that your belongings are covered under replacement cost.

Are you covered no matter the damage?

It’s important to note that flood damage isn’t covered, and other natural disasters may not be either.

What belongings are covered?

Your jewelry or artwork may have dollar limits on them. Ask about any restrictions to see if you need to purchase additional coverage.

What endorsements do you have on your policy?

Endorsements are used to make the policy a little more specific to you. This is where you can add additional coverage for some belongings.

Are you adequately covered if someone is injured in the home?

The maximum amount an insurance company will pay in damages or legal bills if you are sued is covered in the liability section of the policy. An agent can help you determine how much liability coverage makes sense for you.

Are all home policies the same?

There are different types of home insurance policies. The HO3 is the most common since it provides coverage for normal loss activities and can be an excellent place to start.

Contact Ken Boldt Insurance Agency II, Inc. in Green, OH to get a quote on home insurance. 

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